Jan 11

Yaaaaaay. First follower.. Ha. Oh gawd. I’m soo popular..

Dear TwinklesAndGlitter. You are officially amazing because you are my first follower. 

But holy jebus (Homer Simpson talk), why do they call it following?? I mean, they may as well name it stalking and save us some trouble.

Still getting messages and shit. Haven’t actually read them yet, but i will now !! 

<3 LydiBear


Jan 10

The First

Kaaaay. So this is my first post whatever.

Is this a diary..? Am i meant to post my deep interesting thoughts and emotions..? 

If so, I’m screwed…

I dunno if people are gonna reply to this since i only just got this shit buuuut, message me some stuff telling me some topics they want me to discuss..



<3 LydiBear